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Lord Shiva an ocean of compassion for life on the planets in the form of great faith for devotees. The glory of lord Shiva is finely elaborated in Sri Sri Shiv maha Purana [an ancient book on lord Shiva]. In fact it is an essence of all the four Vedas in a one compact issue.Shiv maha Purana reflects on the tales of lord Shiva exercised by him while assume an form of human to bless his devotes in their direct mode. As per Hindi mode of calendar which consist two fort nights one leads to first moon & next leads to full moon, every fortnight have days so called tithi, each tithi is governed by a specific god, here 8th & the 14th are the tithi which are fully influenced by lord Shiva.14th if dark half called shiv ratri in other words, special for worship mode of lord Shiva.Once in a year in the Hindi month of phagun it is taken as maha shivratri, Appearance day of lord Shiva.This year it falls on date__6th march, wishing all a very happy shivratri.May lord Shiva bless all on the subject of peace & glory in life. lord shiva
I glorify the all merciful lord Shiva, who possessing a comely form, white as jasmine flower, the moon & the conch, with eyes alike lovely lotus, mother parvati’s lord, the bestower of one’s desire fruit and deliver from the clutches of carnality.The exploits of parvati ji lord are illimitable like the ocean; even the Vedas can not reach their end, how could it be for a small devotee but it is for one and all that he is omni present & so kind at heart to help who so ever seek so on the subject of life.I bow my head under his lotus feet to attain the truth of life as he is the one who can help the life with all ease.May lord Shiva bless all on the subject of true wisdom for life. Labels: lord shiva
lord shiva.
Lord Shiva who can make the animate to inanimate & inanimate to animate: the souls that adore an omnipotent lord are blessed indeed. It is clear matter of faith & devotional spirit which experienced the glory of lord in life in its varying pace their in.Lord is always take care of his devotees & associates them in different form & different mode to help them to their need & rescue them of their sufferings on the subject of life. It is lord Shiva who is lord of universe & serves the devotees with respect to their faith & truth of their heart.I reverence lord Shiva, the progeny of Brahma, the very root of the tree of piety, the full moon that brings joy to the ocean of wisdom, the sun that opens the lotus of dispassion, the wind that disperses the clouds of ignorance, who dispel the thick darkness of sin and eradicates the threefold agony and who wipes off obloquy.May lord bless all on the subject of true life. Labels: lord shiva.
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Lord Shiva blesses the life with a living legend for a true life in the form of Ramcharitmanas. While to elaborate the meaning of Sri Ramcharitmanas ram is the name of lord Rama, charit represents the story of lord Rama, manasa represents the origin of story which denotes the mind. Lord Shiva gave this story the title of Ramcharitmanas, firstly because it contains a life account of lord Rama and secondly because he treasured it in mind before communicating it to Sri Sri Parvati ji.As per the version of saints of era it has derived the way this that great saint sri tulsi das ji by the grace of lord Shiva inspired which made him to write the script of sri Ramcharitmanas.May lord Shiva bless all to have a true life as human?
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lord shiva
I adore the lord Shiva and his consort goddess mother Gauri, my preceptors and parents, friends of the forlorn and ever given charity. Submission under the lotus feet of lord Shiva could make feasible all that which looks a like dream out of reach. A blessing from lord Shiva is always paves the way for glory to life. Being human on the subject of life and remains far from the blessings of lord Shiva is like missing any thing over here & of sure for hare after too.A great donor on the subject of life, a donor who never differentiates among those who just submit their wish under his kind honor either it belongs to the list of his devotees or not.He is an ocean of compassion all the way for all on the subject of life, lord Shiva. Obeisance to you lord Shiva.May lord bless all on the subject of true life.Labels: lord shiva
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Lord Shiva, ocean of compassion, the one and only one who cares for those deprived on the subject of life. The guardian of north east quarter & ruler of the whole universe, eternal bliss personified the omnipresent and all pervading Brahma manifest in the form of Vedic wisdom. Lord Shiva is devoid of material attributes, undifferentiated, desireless, all pervading consciousness, heaving nothing to wrap about himself except ether.Lord Shiva is devoid of form, transcendent and extra-cosmic, beyond speech, understanding & sense perception, terrible yet gracious, the seed of mystic syllable OM the devourer even of great time-spirit and abode of virtues.I adore the all merciful god. I adore you the ocean of compassion. I adore the lotus feet of omnipresent to have merciful sight on me & all on the subject of true life as human.May lord bless all to have peace & glory of life as human.
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lord shiva
Lord Shiva is the one who is sole preceptor of life on the planet who is all wisdom and resting on whose brow the crescent moon is universally adored. Life greet lord Shiva embodiment of reverence & faith respectively, with out which even the adept cannot perceive god enshrined in their heart.Ocean of compassion lord Shiva“Obeisance to you, o lord Shiva! Please accept my homage with all due respect, Obeisance to the souse of holy mother Gauri.” May lord Shiva bless all on the subject of true life.Labels: blessings from lord shiva
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lord shiva
It’s none other than lord Shiva who is ocean of compassion with all simple & cool modes for life on the planet. It is glory of lord Shiva who simplifies the hard mode of life on the planet. Omnipresent lord always care for his devotees in all respect.May he in whose laps shines forth the daughter of the mountain-king, who carries the celestial stream on his head, on whose brow rest the crescent moon, whose throat holds poison & whose upper part of body is the support of huge serpents, and who is adorned by the ashes on his body, may that chief of gods, the lord of all, omnipresent Shiva ever protect his devotees who have faith in him & solely relies on him.The lord, who not only cares the life here, cares the life here after too with cool blessings & peaceful mode.May lord bless the life to have meaningful human life.Labels: blessings from lord shiva
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om namo shivaye__Kashi is the place for final beatitude is the version of saints & seers on the board of life being the place of lord Shiva who in fact so kind to all on the subject of life. It is also known as the birth place of salvation. The mine of spiritual wisdom & and destroyer of all sin lord Shiva is always take great care of his devotees.O mind please why don’t you worship him to attain his esteem blessing for ultimate glory of life as human as he is the one who drank off deadly venom, very presence of which was burning all the host of gods. Who else is so merciful than lord Shiva?May lord Shiva bless all on the subject of true life as human.

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