Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lord Shiva and Shravan Month Festival
Shravan Month Festival of Lord Shiva. The shravan mas(month) is known as the month of lord shiva. In Hinduism, The shravan month is the holiest month in a year.In shravanmas all mondays(Somvar) people worship lord shiva and fast. In the morning go to Lord Shiva temple and pray, pile the linga with Bel leaves, milk, yoghurt, clarified butter.

The belief is that in Shravan month, offering milk, holy water to Lord Shiva earns a lot's of punya. also belief that Girls who fast on all Mondays(somvar) of Shravan get a nice husband.

Many festival in Shravan Months

Naga-Panchami Festival
Hindola or Swinging Festival
Narali Purnima Festival
Shravani Purnima Festival
Raksha Bandhan Festival
Rishi Panchami Festival
Sitala Saptami Festival
Janmashtami Festival
Ajaikadasi Festival

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  1. Nice write up on the month of Shravan and festivals.